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Harsha Patel, aka Korey, making up a lie then “guessing” about it…   Leave a comment



Ummmm….hmmmm…. I guesss….. I might want to be… ummm… (ding! ding!)…. I guess OJIBWAY!


Screen Capture of WLMAC announcing their Top 50 – Showing Real Name of “Tinsel Korey”   Leave a comment

WLMAC Top 50 Announced in 2010   Leave a comment

WLMAC Top 50 Announced in 2010



“Tinsel Korey, born Harsha Patel, is an up and coming actress and musician now living in Vancouver, British Columbia.”



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1998 Graduate for William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute.


For all those that never caught the Ontario Secondary School releasing public information regarding past students (Canada) here it is:

“Tinsel Korey, born Harsha Patel, is an up and coming actress and musician now living in Vancouver, British Columbia.”

Mona Loring (ML PR), the publicist, asked the Ontario Secondary School to remove Ms. Patel from the Top 50 as there was too much bad publicity surrounding Harsha Patel/Tinsel Korey and the casting on non-native actors in the Twilight franchise.

However, Mona will never be able to remove web caches of Harsha’s/Tinsel’s lies and offensive statements or any internet archived information.

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Hollywood ‘Indian’

Acting is all about pretending. Actors become someone else on screen. They put themselves into another persons World and becomes them for that moment in time. But what happens when someone pretends in real life? An Actor pretending in real life to be someone they are not. 

Twilight is one of the biggest films right now, most of the stars from this movie were beginning actors and now they are A-List Stars. Among the most famous in the World. Robert Pattison and Kirsten Stewart are household names.

New Moon, the second film of the 4 book series is coming out on November 20th. One of those stars is none other than Tinsel Korey, a Canadian Actress who has been in such films as Steven Spielburgs ‘Into the West’, ”Tin Man” and “The Lookout”. She has been slowly climbing the ladder of fame, and now she is is portraying Emily Young in New Moon.

Tinsel Korey. Proud Native Canadian.

Harsha Patel. Embarrased East Indian.

What do these two have to do with each other? 

They are the same person.

She was born Harsha Patel to a wealthy doctor and his wife in Ontario, but an estrangement from her family, a move across the country after graduating from William Lyon Mackenzie CI she gave herself a new name, and background (claims she is Ojibway), all fueled by ambition.  The movie industry is not easy to break into, there are more doors closed than opened, but Harsha saw what she felt was a loophole.  She decided to do what many other people have done to aboriginals in Canada and North America, and that was to exploit them for her own chance at fame.  Rather than using her own Indian heritage and drawing on Hinduism for support, she instead rewrote her background to Native America, believing that she could garner more roles.  

The casting session for New Moon was long and arduous. Line ups were huge. Casting agents were turning people away from the door. A big poster at the door stating ‘MUST BE NATIVE/FIRST NATIONS”

How did she get through the cracks?

How did a strict casting statement get ignored?

There has been a lot of old schoolmates of Tinsel and many other people who have come out to state that Tinsel has been lying about this. She has continued to deny all of these accusations on her myspace.

But why would Miss Patel go so far?

Was fame her ultimate motivation?

Certainly when she planned this new background, she must not have put much thought into her life, real name and background coming out.  She’s made a name for herself within the Native Community amongst whisphers and roars about the lies she’s told.  Search her name (real or new) and scores of websites critizing her come up. This campaign to out the liar in their midst has been building for years, and she herself has been aware of it, but claims that she does not have to prove her native heritage.  Of course this is simply posturing, wouldn’t someone who’s been adopted want to know where they came from?  Especially in the fractured Aboriginal community?

Her part is small, but it’s a role that was stolen from a true blooded aboriginal woman….Image